Ambaa (GBCH Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac JW 05 NL ShCM)
e. Nambala Qam of Savannah, u. SUCh NUCh Hayawani Zerafina Moyo

- Född 2004-07-23
- Exporterad till England
- HD: 7/3 (friröntgad enligt brittiska röntgensystemet)
- AD: 0 (friröntgad enligt brittiska systemet)
- Fulltandad med korrekt saxbett

- Engelsk utställningschampion
- Trea på engelska listan för mest vinnande ridgeback 2007
- BIR på Amsterdam Winner Show 2007

- Stamtavla
- Utställningskritiker
- Valpförteckning

"Ambaa is a clown and will play to an audience, hence being such a fantastic show girl. Her show career has been quite phenomenal for a liver nose, she is a delight to live with although she has a mind of her own, and she is Fiyaa's best friend - they are inseparable. She is very adaptable and takes all situations in her stride, whether it be away from home in a hotel, on the boat over to Holland or down the market to meet the stallholders. Ambaa loves all dogs and people and welcomes them into her home. All in all a very stable Ridgeback and I am proud to have her as part of the family, and thank Catharina for breeding such a lovely girl. She was worth waiting for!"

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