Ambaa's utställningskritiker
(Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac)

"A wonderful bitch, international quality, she has everything I wish from this breed, beautiful head, sound, good ridge, wonderful colour and she is a great mover."
(Elina Tann, Midland Counties CH show, Kelso 24/10 -08. Vinst i Champion Stakes).

"1 month until her 4th birthday. Won the class on maturity and quality, she stands four squares, moves absolutely soundly. Super feet, good bone, firm through body and well muscled, well turned stifle and upright hocks. She is in wonderful condition and apparently she is only 12 weeks off a litter even though her underline was more or less back to normal. She stood out in this class and deserved her CC."
(Jean Malley, Border Union CH Show, Kelso 15/6 -08. Certifikat).

"Really nice bitch, intelligent expression, nice head, excellent neck and shoulder, nice straight front, good topline and tuck up, correct length of loin, adequate angulation front and rear, nice knuckled feet, moved really well in profile and coming and going."
(Denis McMillan, RR Club of Scotland 4/11 -07. Certifikat och reserv-BIS).

"Lovely quality liver nosed bitch with the very best of pigmentation. Well off for height but balanced, she has ring presence and qualities that command attention. Good head planes with well defined stop, enough length and depth of muzzle and super length of neck. Topline is strong particularly over the croup area. Quarters are clean and muscular, feet are tight and well arched. Movement was strong going around but she lost concentration on the day in fore and aft movement which led to her diverging from the straight forward free and active movement of the winner of the class. Well handled."
(Chris Nutall, Midland Counties Ch Show 25/10 -07. Andra bästa tik i Open class).

"Stunning well balanced liver nose albeit tall for a bitch. Good head and body, excellent feet and quarters. Lovely ridge. Coat and eye colour in harmony. Moved and handled extremely well."
(Janet Parker, RR Club of Great Britain 23/9 -07. Bästa tik i Open class, reservcert).

"A feminine head, correct amber eye and rich colour for a liver. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders and length of body, good hind angulation standing on tight feet, moved with ease. Slightly out of coat but did enough on the day for the CC."
(Julie Bates, City of Birmingham Canine Association 31/8 -07. Bästa tik i Open class, certifikat, brittisk champion!).

"Have judged and loved this bitch before, real joy to put hands on, lovely construction, free mover, holds outline at all times, feminine but powerful head, long muzzle, excellent pigmentation for colour."
(Gavin Robinson, Scottish Kennel Club 26/8 -07. BIR.)

"Exceptional liver with correct pigmentation. In fact I would go as far to say that she is the best liver I have ever seen. Very feminine and so sound in construction and movement. Spot on in all departments for substance and bone. Head and expression were teeming with breed type. Could not really fault her, but would prefer slightly harder condition for perfection. Very worthy CC and BOB and went on to win a well deserved Group 3."
(Sarah Hemstock, Welsh Kennel Club 17/8 -07. BIR, certifikat, BIG-3.)

"Tall substantial but elegant rich liver bitch. She scores in her beautiful neck, super front and feet, deep well sprunged ribs carried well back. Good topline. Strong well muscled quarters with excellent bend of stifle. Good head proportions, lovely eye and expression with good ear carriage. Very sound coming and going with good width between hocks. Good length of stride in profile action. Just lost RES CC on shoulder angulations."
(Sue Simper, Midlands & Northern 35th Anniversary Championship show 14/7 -07. Bästa tik i Limit class.)

"Beautiful bitch of lovely type. Very nice head and expression, eye colour surprisingly dark for her liver nose colouring. Excellent strong neck, very good shoulder and forehand. Lovely capacious body, excellent firm topline, excellent croup and hindquarters. Moved so steadily and freely. Strongly considered for the RCC."
(Dagmar Kenis Pordam, Windsor Championship show 1/7 -07. Bästa tik i Limit class.)

"Nice and feminine, good head and expression. Nice length of neck on well laid shoulders. Nice body construction. Ribs of good length and cage of good length. Firm loin. Nice well muscled quarters. Strode out well on the move. Lots to like about her."
(Denys Simpson, Blackpool Championship show 23/6 -07. Bästa tik i Limit class.)

"High quality liver nosed mid wheaten bitch, held a beautiful balanced outline, spot on construction, good bone, excellent firm feet, effortless movement."
(Mike Caple, Cheshire County Open show 19/6 -07. BIR och BIG-4.)

"Lovely nape of neck going into well laid shoulders. Strong topline and powerful shoulders."
(Jean Blandford, Border Union Championship show 16/6 -07. Bästa tik i Limit class.)

"Liver nose of excellent type, maximum size and substance, excellent head, good ear, bite and correct eye, strong neck, good outline and balanced angulation, very good deep chest, good ridge, bone and feet excellent mover."
(Jan Coppens, Scottish Kennel Club Championship show 20/5 -07. Bästa tik i Limit class, reservcert.)

"I wanted to find a typical outline for the breed, coupled with breed specific construction, good condition both in coat and musculature to help the animal make the most of itself on the move and last but certainly not least the breed specific details that are the hallmarks of the breed. The limit bitch winner who eventually won the CC & BOB was almost exactly what I was looking for in terms of breed type, outline and construction. She fitted my impression of the standard very well. She is so sound, both on the stack and moving. She was shown on a loose lead and just couldn't stand wrong. Although under control she was not robotic, she had a lovely vibrant active attitude which also exuded well being. A very typical bitch which exactly the outline I was looking for, lithe action and bang on form."
(Paul Singleton, The Hound Association of Scotland 14/4 -07. BIR, certifikat.)

"The star of the show and beat some very good bitches to go best. In superb condition, beautifully sculpted muscles, flowing outline. Well shaped nape, clean arched neck and withers. Excellent body and width of quarters she covered the ground with minimum effort. Best in Show."
(Mrs Sue Pollock-Yule, Midlands and Northern RR Club open show, Leeds 24/3 -07. BIR, BIG, BIS.)

"Feminine quality bitch, good head and earset, good expression, strong neck, holds good topline, good ridge, well proportioned quarters, good coat colour and condition, holds good outline on the move well presented in good condition."
(Frank Whyte, St Helens and District show 17/2 -07 (300 anmälda hundar). BIR, BIS-R.)

"Nice head and expression, correct amber eye and pigmentation. Would like a better lay of shoulder, good depth of brisket, well ribbed back, level topline, good ridge and crowns. Excellent on the move and in superb condition."
(Frank Whyte, Northwich Canine Society 11/2 -07. BIR.)

"Headed a strong group, excelled in breed type with super confirmation and balance. Sound on the move covering the ground with ease and purpose. Well presented and handled."
(Gruppdomare: Mike Lancaster, Huddersfield & District Open Show 13/1 -07. BIG.)

"A consummate showgirl. Liver with correct pigmentation and good eye colour. Kind head leading to long clean neck. Good width and depth of risket. Strong loin. Level topline at all times. Movement balanced, true and with drive coming from well angulated muscular hind quarters. Would like a bit more lay of shoulder. Superb feet and lovely bone throughout. BOB and thrilled to see her go group 1."
(Rasdomare: Helen Mansfield, Huddersfield & District Open Show 13/1 -07. BIR och BIG (se separat kritik ovan).)

"Lovely quality bitch, excellent head proportions, strong foreface, correct stop, strong neck into well angulated shoulders, super topline and hind angulation showed in her free easy movement, keeping topline."
(Aitkin Johnson, Bath Champion Show 29/5 -06. Bästa tik i Post-graduate class.)

"Lovely quality bitch, excellent head proportions, strong foreface, correct stop, strong neck into well angulated shoulders, super topline and hind angulation showed in her free easy movement, keeping topline."
(Aitkin Johnson, Bath Champion Show 29/5 -06. Bästa tik i Post-graduate class.)

"A most pleasing liver nose, with correct head proportions, feminine expression, correct amber eyes. Good strong clean neck into well angulated shoulders. Correct depth of chest and fore chest. Good strong loins and hind quarters with correct rear angulation and tailset. Good tight feet. Moved and showed well."
(Anna Ringer, Border Union CH show 18/6 -06. Bästa tik i Post-graduate class.)

"At 21 months, this bitch is maturing well and has so far fulfilled all the promise I saw in her when I judged her at 10 months. Beautiful head with correct eye for a liver nose. Good length of clean neck into correct lay of shoulder. Standing on a very impressive gunbarrel front and tightest of feet. Good depth all through. Strong topline held on the move and fabulous ridge. Very strong quarters and, when viewed from above the deep capacious ribcage and rear quarters correctly show same width. Low set hock and well muscled, she powered around the ring so effortlessly - a good match for my best dog. And what a showgirl - most of us can only dream of having such a show off in the ring. Expertly handled she took a very well deserved Best in Show. What a bright future this bitch surely has in front of her."
(Liz Storey, RR Club of Scotland 23/4 -06. Bästa tik i Post-graduate class, BIS.)

"Different type but has superb confirmation, lovely neck, front and outline. Sound powerful mover. Great show girl, who will go onto reach the top."
(Michael Boothroyd, Driffield Champion Show 15/10 -05. Bästa juniortik.)

"Pleasing outline and balance, good head and ears, lengthy neck, firm level back, well set and carried tail, straight forelegs, strong hindquarters, compact and, moved with freedom and accuracy, bright willing showgirl in best coat and condition."
(Ellis Hulme, GB Club Champion Show 25/9 -05. Bästa juniortik och bästa omeriterade tik.)

"Taller type than winner. Very attractive liver nose, good clear colour. Very appealing head. Hind angulation good. Well proportioned. Straight in shoulder which affected her front movement. Also didn't like the cold wind."
(Kim Cairns, Darlington Champion Show 16/9 -05. 2:a bästa juniortik.)

"13 Month liver nosed bitch with very feminine expression. Eye in keeping with coat colour & correct liver pigmentation to nose with a glorious coat colour. Good length of neck with straight front, good bone &tight feet. Well proportioned body & very good rear angulation & turn of stifle."
(Cath Davies, Richmond Champion Show 10/9 -05. 2:a bästa juniortik.)

"Excellent pigmentation to this liver bitch. Sound straight front, boned through pastern to excellent feet. Liked her head type. Shoulders well laid back with correct return of upper arm. Length of ribbing correct. Well turned quarters with low set hock. Overall balance of this bitch was easy on the eye. Moved soundly all round."
(Charlotte Stricklandm, Welsh KC 18/8 -05. Bästa juniortik och reservcert.)

"Liver nosed bitch, super head and expression, excellent pigmentation, good eye colour, head of good proportions, strong topline held on the move, when settled could cover the ground but was really enjoying herself, good bone, excellent feet in super fit condition."
(Sue Campbell, Bournemouth Champion Show 13/8 -05. Bästa juniortik och reservcert.)

"The best liver nose I have ever judged. Tall but very impressive, beautiful outline, very feminine, lovely coat, good pigmentation, long reach of neck, clean shoulders, straight strong forelegs, plenty of depth, well tucked up, level topline, hind quarters well defined and muscled. Moved beautifully."
(Harry Brown, The Hound Association Champion Show 8/8 -05. Bästa juniortik.)

"Extremely impressive liver nosed pup, just a week under 12 months. Lovely outline which she kept on the move. I liked her head, eye, ear set and reach of neck. Good angulation to front, nice legs and feet, well sprung deep ribcage, strong hindquarters. Moved true and freely. Showed really well."
(Marianne Nixon, Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club CH show 17/7 -05. Bästa tikvalp, Best Puppy in show reservcert).)

"Well grown 10 months liver bitch with excellent bone and feet. Pretty head with nice expression. Correct pigmentation for a liver all through, coat in glorious bloom. Strong topline held on the move. Chest still needs to drop. Well ribbed back, correct croup and tailset. Good angulation front and rear. Once settled strode out effortlessly, showing true for and aft. Shown well she makes her handler work hard but the end result was Best Puppy followed by 3rd in the Hound Puppy Group. Well done and good luck for the future, she is a cracker".
(Liz Storey, Three Counties CH show 14/6 -05. Bästa tikvalp och Bästa RR-valp.)

"10 months, one that could not be overlooked, pleasing type that has all the essentials, well balanced head, strong neck, good topline and ridge, sound front, nice body and hindquarters, moved well". (Gruppdomare: Marianne Nixon. 3:e bästa valp.)

"Well built, typical head, brown eyes, correct scissor bite, well carried ears, straight back, typical ridge, well angulated quarters, very promising."
(Petr Rehanek, Lieden CH Show (Holland) 24/4 -05. Bästa RR-valp.)