Our first Ridgeback was Simbashana's Ascot (Zoltan) who we bought in 1986, a very sweet and pleasant family dog who became the source of our interest in the breed. In the years 1989 and 1991 we imported a bitch and a dog from England, SCH NCH Celestial Lady of Janak (Nambi) and NORDCH Mwenga Kintu Mwingereza (Kintu). They proved to have the most excellent mentality and health and from these two we had our first litter in 1993. Their six puppies all had the same soundness in health and mentality as their parents. Two from this litter have had progeny: Hayawani Kianga Mtundu (Puma) and Hayawani Kito Kungumanga (Kito) and we have also saved semen from Kito for future use.

Unfortunately Nambi had only this litter so after three years of waiting and trying we decided to import another bitch from England from the same great bloodlines as Nambi and Kintu. We were so impressed with these bloodlines and also knew some of the dogs personally so we felt we couldn't make a better choice. The bloodlines were some very old African (Challenger's Chipo, Rip of Colemore), and also Ulundi, Shangara, Mushana and Maxwood, some old British (Kinza) and quite a lot of Janak and Mwenga.

So in 1997 Saragwe Nozipo Mwingereza came to live with us. Very much the same bloodlines as above with some addition of Jespah Alekzandr of Janak, Trendsetter Mtoko and our Kintu's sister Mwenga Marijka. Nozipo - that's "Moppan" on our website, or "Zipo" as she is called in England. She was the loveliest puppy we had ever seen, very elegant and well-built with the sweetest temperament. She never liked showing but if she had I'm sure she could easily have won all the titles she needed. But she is a typical housewife and as such has taken very good care of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

To Zipo's first litter, our Moyo-litter 1999, we chose Amukela Mambana Anzu (Zappa) from Kennel Masithela (brother of Ami Sariba). Zappa was a fantastic dog with American bloodlines on his sire's side and he completed Moppan perfectly. 12 puppies were born and we kept a bitch, Zerafina Moyo (Roza). From the Moyo-litter there are three champions, Zerafina (Roza), Zazazela (Ozzy) and Zamburo (Penti). Four have progeny: Roza, Ozzy, Penti, Nefer (Zindzi). Tragically Zappa was killed in a car accident at the age of four so the Moyo-litter is his only litter.

To Zipo's second litter in 2000 (Moyozi-litter), we chose semen from an African dog with excellent temperament and a beautiful colour, Roodedraai Zingela (Ziggy). Through him we added some old African bloodlines to our breeding. In the Moyozi-litter there were 5 puppies born. One of them, Zenzele Moyozi (Zela) has progeny.

In 2002 Roza had her first litter, the Rayha-litter. Roza is the best RR-bitch I can imagine; strong, proud, balanced and very lovely. She is somewhat on the big side but perfectly built and a terrific mover. Her mentality test and MH are excellent. Roza gained her championtitles at the age of 6 after having had two litters and that is a real proof of quality! Because of her size we chose a stud dog of a smaller size, a playful healthy dog with a wonderful temperament, ATCh Mehanna's Noah. In the Rayha-litter there were 10 puppies born. One bitch stayed with us, Nyota Rayha (Stella). Three of these have progeny: Nyota (Stella), Nanyanika (Elsa) and Nomalanga (Douglas).

In 2003 the owners of one Zenzele Moyozi (Zela) bred a litter from her in partnership with us - the Zulayhka-litter. Zela had her litter by the handsome German dog Umbani Caibo, yet another dog with excellent temperament. In this litter there were 11 puppies. One of them, Cheko Zulayhka (Dexter) is the sire of three litters, among them our own Sikelele litter.

To Roza's second litter in 2004, Rangi-litter, we found Nambala Qam of Savannah Winds (Chaqamba) in Holland. A couple of years earlier we were about to import a stud dog from Nambala Kennels in New Zeeland, we had learned everything about the Nambala dogs and their bloodlines and we liked very much what we had found. In the end we didn't go through with the import because of the very long flight the puppy had to make. So imagine our joy when we found a Nambala dog in Europe - closely related to the puppy we never bought! Chaqamba is my absolute favourite stud dog, maybe not the most handsome of dogs, but with so much personality and charm, very easygoing and with that little extra you rarely find in a dog. He is very well built with an excellent front. 8 puppies were born in the Rangi litter and we kept a puppy bitch Kambala Rangi (Carmen). Another puppy bitch was exported to Kennel Faahac in England, who used to own Zipo's sister Saafi. So far there is two show champions in this litter, Kamilika (Singoalla), and Kamambaa (Ambaa).

In 2005 we made a combination between two Hayawani litters, Zulayhka and Rayha. Stella (Nyota Rayha) is easy-going and sweet-tempered, playful and cooperative, and Dexter (Cheko Zulayhka) is confident, sound and powerful. Stella had 12 puppies in the Sikelele-litter.

Roza had her third and last litter in autumn 2006, the Roozani-litter. This time we chose an African dog living in Finland, Karoskloof Bravo to Harjaselän (Tarmo). Friendly, handsome and playful with a beautiful dark red coat. Seven puppies were born and we kept a puppy bitch, Titilayo Roozani (Freja).

In 2007 we had the pleasure of having Chaqamba as a stud dog once more, this time for Stella's second litter, the Sijambo-litter. Five gorgeous puppies arrived and Chamchela Sijambo (Farina) stayed with us - the first livernose of the Hayawani pack!

In 2008 we imported siblings Faahac Faxe (Faxe) and Faahac Farulaa (Flora) from kennel Faahac. Our GBCh Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi (Ambaa) is the mum of Faxe and Flora. Faxe lives with the Malmport family and Flora moved in with the Hayawani pack.

2008 was also a year of evaluation as four dogs from our breeding had puppies: Ambaa (12 puppies), Hugo (8 puppies), Olivia (13 puppies) and Dexter (14 puppies). Large, almost faultless litters with wonderful healthy puppies. We are very pleased and proud!

But the years 2007 and 2008 were also years of sadness. In 2007 we lost our Carmen and in 2008 both Farina and Tippex. Through Farina we lost our breeding link to Stella. Stella's wonderful mentality is valuable to us and that is one of the reasons that we decided to let Stella have another litter in spring 2009.

Spring 2009 started painfully with our Zipo leaving us at 12½ years old. There were no more Stella puppies despite the combination Stella/Justus looking so promising. Nature wanted it differently! Instead Freja had her first litter in June by insemination to NZCh Nyaka Yesekani of Cartouche, Sekani. It was a great litter of four puppies, the Furufuru litter, and our pack has now been extended with Sabiha Furufuru (Afra). Through using Sekani one of our goals was realised - to be able to use a handsome and stable stud dog with a mixture of African and American lines from kennel Cartouche in South Africa. Sekani has excellent progeny all over the world. 2009 was also another puppy year with Singoalla having her first litter (12 puppies) and Dexter fathering a litter in Germany (10 puppies). Dunzi also had a litter (12 puppies).

2010 – no litters at home but Dexter, Singoalla, Olivia and Nisse became parents to in all 32 Hayawanirelated pups! And Mum Catharina fell in love with the mentally outstanding dog Tarujen Samir. Samir and Freja had a passionate date in Finland in November and in January 2011 five lovely puppies were born, the Fukuzanalitter.

From that litter we kept a liver girl, Hayawani Sizakele Fukuzana (Sisu). This litter was our beloved Rozas last mission as a Grandma, in October 2011 she passed away 12½ years old and she is greatly missed.

Summer 2012 we went with Freja to Cologne in Germany and handsome Abutambu Aziz de Kiungwana. Passion in the summer garden, Freja really likes boys! In the middle of September 10 healthy pups were born, the Finyana litter.

To be continued…