Catharina & Henrik Tandefelt
SE-570 33 Mariannelund

Phone: +46 496 500 03

Our house.

All treats abandon, ye who enter here!

Our cats, Sol and Salabim.

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Our aim is to breed mentally as well as physically healthy dogs with mentality and exterior according to the breed standard. We have lived with ridgebacks since 1986, and had our first litter in '93. Our ambition is to:

have all our pups  X-rayed for HD and OCD at around 2 years of age.

have all our pups mentality tested as youngsters, at around 18 months of age.

give all our pups the opportunity to pass tracking test.

give all our puppy buyers support, help, interest and concern as long as needed.

constantly extend our knowledge and proficiency about dogs (accomplished courses are so far: Mentality, Nutrition, Dogmassage, Homeopathy, Breeders course).

Since we consider mentality being so vital, we have decided to use only mentality tested dogs in our breeding. This also means that males bred by us will be available preferably for mentality tested bitches, and breeders who intend to have the litter mentality tested!

When we have a litter, the entire pack helps out babysitting.